Working at Casino Niagara: Employee Reviews

Guy lost his own money not wanting to listen to me

Please let me know if this doesn't belong here. It happened years ago and something on the news reminded me of it.
My husband (S) and I were at Niagara Falls and we went to the casino. We walked up ahead of a Middle Eastern man (Jerk) in his 20s who had a small entourage of maybe 4-5. He was carrying a massive stack of cash vertically between his hands, kind of like a "lettuce" sandwich (important).
S had opened the door for me to enter, but my passage was rudely interrupted by an arm that blocked my way. It was attached to the young guy with the moolah, all of it now cradled in his other arm. S and I look at each other for a moment before I start to say something.
Me: Excuse me, sir...
Jerk (to S): You need to train her not to speak to other men, friend.
S laughed. He didn't know why I even tried to talk to Jerk, we always let petty malfeasance go because we know these people are more to be pitied than anything. I flashed my brightest smile and held S back until the Jerk Crew had gone before I pointed out the bank bundle of bills that fell, unnoticed, during the scramble to beat me through the door. I assume it fell, at least, since I didn't see him drop it but it was definitely there afterwards.
We picked it up and went to the nearest bouncegreeter (BG). S filled in what BG hadn't seen - he'd heard everything - and gave him the money. I said I was going to tell Jerk I thought he'd dropped some money but he obviously didn't want to hear from me. BG said we had no way of knowing whose it was so we needed to turn it in saying where we found it. If anyone came forward to claim it, great.
We know for a fact that nobody claimed the money for several weeks at least. We could have put in a claim to get it back for ourselves as the finders after a certain timeframe, but I'd have felt like I stole it so we just left it for them to do whatever they do.
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Make Your Niagara Falls Canada Tour Memorable With ToNiagara

Enjoy Mesmerizing Niagara Falls Canada
In the mid 19th century, the tourists to Niagara Falls Canada have enjoyed the trip to the famous Maid of the Mist. The first trip was launched in 1846 to offer a ferry service across the Niagara River that is just below the falls. Drastically, the business dropped in 1848.
To find another source of income, the Maid of the mist owners started making Niagara Falls sightseeing Tours. The idea got trapped in very quickly. People were mesmerized with this exciting and perfectly safe trip. One of the 19th-century authors noted that “It is a great sensation that is not equal to anything else, the most wonderful water-tour in the world.”
Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, and it is second to Russia. Canada has got one of the world’s most beautiful rivers, the Niagara Falls, which separates the US and Canada borders. Plan for the Niagara Falls Canada Tour for full entertainment along with the natural scenic beauty of the Niagara Falls.
Tourists visiting Canada will always make sure to take the Toronto to Niagara Falls tour. There are custom made packages that are offered online by different tour operators. Still, it is advisable to choose the best package for you and your family.
If you have any plan to visit the Niagara Falls in the day, Niagara Falls Day Tours would be perfect for you to book. If you want to see the Falls in the evening and witness the fireworks with LED illuminated Niagara Falls, then its better to schedule the Niagara Falls Evening Tour.
If you want to customize the places that you wish to visit the Falls and its surroundings with your family or friends, then you can book Niagara Falls Private Tours.
Visitors Visiting the Niagara Falls Canada
Tourists taking a trip to the Niagara Falls Canada get mesmerized with the scenic beauty of the Niagara Falls and its surrounding areas; mainly, it is all because of the variety of entertainment available all through the year. The charisma of Niagara Falls is such that it leaves a beautiful memory when you visit with friends or family. These memories will be long-lasting, and it feels exciting and gives much happiness when you share them with others either in the form of pictures or through Internet reviews.
What Places To Visit In And Around The Niagara Falls?
- You can capture beautiful selfies and pictures with family or friends at the Floral Clock.
- Witness the Niagara region from the Skylon Tower’.
- Take a walk through the Journey Behind the Falls.
- Take a cruise through the Hornblower ride or Niagara Falls Boat Tour, where you can see the Niagara River from a very close vision.
- To have an adventurous and thrilling trip, you can take the Whirlpool jet boat ride for an adventure.
- Visit the Butterfly Conservatory.
- Visit the Botanical Gardens to see various varieties of plants, vegetables, roses and herbs.
- Go to the Fallsview Casino Resort to have some gambling fun.
- Finally, for the wine lovers, do not miss a chance to visit the world-famous Niagara Falls winery Tours and taste all the varieties of wines the Niagara Region offers.
Book Your Tickets Online
Book your Niagara Falls Canada tickets online now and enjoy the best trip of your life and make it a memorable journey of your life with your loved family and friends.
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FidoMobile Review- 1 week later

Hello, been a Fido Customer since October 10th, 2019. I want to say pretty much impressed so far, let me break down in three section (“Coverage”, “Speed” and Pricing”), so you know what is great and what need’s to be improved.
Coverage: Advantages: Fido coverage is way better and reliable than Freedom Mobile, can get coverage where I can’t with Freedom Mobile example like the Fallsview Casino Mall in Niagara Falls, had service most of the time, my Wife’s phone has no bars of Service down there in the basement with Freedom.
One big thing I love about Fido is Fido-EXT feature, whenever I don’t have Service with Fido (“Rogers Network”), I can roam with Rogers partner network (“Fido EXT”) which is neat feature to have. Where has Freedom Mobile pay for roaming which was bad.
Disadvantages: So far I don’t have disadvantages with the network, but one place I do struggle with Coverage that is Botanical Gardens and the Floral Clock area, where my Phone either goes back and forth to 2G (“Edge”) or my Phone goes to AT&T (“American Provider”)
Unfortunately my phone won’t connect to Fido-EXT due to that fact was within Fido (Rogers-Network), which is kinda sadden by it, go there all the time.
Overall Review about there Coverage: I would give coverage on Fido (“Rogers Network” 8.5/10, since it’s reliable most of the place except for one area.
Speed: Advantages: Speeds are crazy fast, I have gotten anywhere between 120-150 on Download and 20-40 Mbps on download which is great for me streaming Music, going on Reddit and going on Discord.
Disadvantages: I don’t have any disadvantages of Fido Speed Test it’s constant enough for my daily needs.
Review for Speed: I would give it 9.5 10, since it’s reliable for speeds, can stream Music and use Social Media as I said earlier.
Plan’s: Advantages on Plans: When I first started with Fido, I had the $55 6 GB plan, but I called Fido if they match my Freedom Mobile plan, they said sure, now paying $30 for 10 GB with Unlimited Talk & Text which is a steal.
One thing like about Fido is the features come with my Plan like Data Overage Protection which means (“When your finished your 10 GB of allowance each month you data will be cut off until the next billing cycle”) and the Data Byte (“Which is Unlimited Data for 1 hour each day for up to 5 Sessions each month”)
Disadvantages: No disadvantage of the Plan.
Review: Given this 10/10, I get features that Freedom Mobile gave me.
That’s wrap my review, thanks for reading my review about Fido.
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Casino Buffet. I'm convinced.

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Recommendations for day trip operators to Niagara Falls

I was looking for a decent (and not too expensive) day trip operator to Niagara Falls (with the standard/basic stuff: guided tour, stops along the route, wine country and free time at the falls).
Searching on Tripadvisor the first few companies felt excessively expensive and on Google I got a hits to a company that has some really bad (and really old) reviews so I was wondering if there was a company you guys recommend to visiting family (that didn't arrive in a car).
If you need a pricepoint, I'd say around $90 per person is around what I'm thinking - possibly more if there are compelling extras.
I'm holding the casino bus as a last resort as it's only Toronto-Fallside-Toronto at $60 per person ($30 each way) as it's not really a sightseeing bus.
Thanks for any help!
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Bitstarz casino usa

Gamble online USA provide reviews of the very best internet casino USA sites. You are going to be among the very first for offers and promotions from. SugarHouse on-line Casino supplies you with the best online.
Check bitstarz casino usa!
Join Bitstarz casino usa!
In the united states, you are going to be in a position to delight in luxury and gambling as there are online casinos in USA that it is possible to visit and play several games that may bring your luck and money. The United States of America is not just considered among the strongest nations around the world. Casino is the best mobile gaming experience that permits players throughout the Earth, including US betters, to play online slots.
No root or jailbreak is necessary to operate.
Expedia has the absolute most fantastic offers on Niagara Falls casino hotels so that you’ll have the ability to save a lot of money on the next vacation. MGM, it’s still true that you must use your existing.
Prior to making a deposit, you should find out more about the casino you’re likely to play at. Players from the majority of the usa will discover that credits cards is going to be the best internet casino deposit method, with Visa and MasterCard being top choices. It may be used on all kinds of slots which count 100% to the wagering requirements.
Caesars on-line City provides the luxury and style you’ve come to anticipate from Caesars. Free of charge online casino slots Games is seeking to partner with talented and completely free internet casino slots ambitious developers to assist.
Openday, our 170,000-square-foot casino is an incredible place to check your luck.
Compliments of Raine’s Foot Clinic Balance in all elements of life is a great thing. Even just a fast review of things like when a site was established, where a website is licensed, and who actually owns a website will be able to help you identify not just great areas to play, but in addition questionable places which you should avoid.
There’s europa casino similarity in the internet casino products sites Virgin and Tropicana. Most often, casinos do not permit this. Simply download our on-line casino, deposit and begin playing!
Players may discover real money slot games at just about any online. Free casino slots give you the occasion to practise all of your favourite games and explore.
By: bitstarz casino usa.
Thanks to: Bitstarz casino usa.
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Visiting Canada - hoping for some advice!

I was thinking about taking my wife to visit Niagara Falls (CAN) around mid February, and had a few questions. Apologies in advance if any of it seems silly, even though I don't live far away I've never been to Canada!
-For the second option of staying away, is there ample parking to visit the falls?
Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!
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So i thought since i went to UGC Niagara i would write a review on the experiences i had in Niagara.
WARNING i will be talking about my WHOLE experience in Niagara covering everything from hotel, food and entertainment.
So for this trip i went to Niagara with 3 of my friends, friend A was just getting into competitive cod and friend P was just there to have some fun. We get on the greyhound bus to Niagara and the bus was pretty comfortable. we reach Niagara within 1.5 hours, and we immediately took a taxi to Best Western Fallsview which was the place we were staying at. checked in with no problems, the hotel was okay(pillows were not comfortable whatsoever). we go to eat at TGI Fridays(10 min walk) and i see Teepee and Mr. X sitting at the bar area.
Soooooo i was super suprised as to how DIFFERENT they looked IRL compared to streams and youtube videos. i didn't bring anything with me so i didn't bother getting anything signed yet, so we just walk to the venue 3 hours later and everyone was standing outside and cops were all over the streets. As soon i saw one police car i was telling my friends about what happened at umg philly. we get back into the venue within 10 mins of waiting and we sit down to watch some matches. the first day was pretty lackluster BUT my friend did get his salami signed by crimsix LOLOL. On our way back we eat at shoeless joes which was right next to casino and a nightclub near four points sheraton(too bad i'm 18).
We eat at subway(of course i got it TOOOASTED) and go straight to the venue. we woke up late so we missed the optic vs vvv match. i get my ghosts cd case signed by the crimbot and get a nice picture with him. my friend was struggling with the camera on my iphone and crim had an awkward chuckle and he was probably just thinking "haha puny humans don't know how to take a picture". crim was a super nice dude and all but as you would expect he was pretty awkward lol. we saw a couple of matches and we leave to go eat at clifton hill(had to take a cab, cost about 9 dollars from the venue). we had fun at the wizards golf, mirror maze and the arcade. we go eat at tgi fridays and just get back to our hotel.
This was by far the most entertaining day of the tournament.We eat at IHOP for breakfast(food was good, had to wait a LONG time). we miss the first match in optic vs coL because of the food delays, but we got there just in time to see karma kill scump w/ a pistol. then as soon as teep gets his 1v3 clutch the crowd just EXPLODES. there was a teepee fan crew that was cheering for anything amazing teep did. one thing i noticed is the crowd is WAY louder in person than in streams. once the match was over my friends go to play the raffle for charity, you could buy tickets and search for the numbers on the wall(this was so time consuming but i heard they made an app where you could type the numbers in to see if you won anything). friend A spent $90 and won a xbox one beanie(too bad he doesn't have an xbox one) and friend P spent $110 and won a xbox one hardened edition and 2 posters(too bad he doesn't have a xbox one either lol).
We got to meet teepeecod and he was super nice as you would expect. also met coLKarma and he was really funny IRL. we go to get some food and we see clay and proofy and they were super nice as well( this is a recurring theme amongst all pros and casters). we watch the finals and crim's 7 piece got the MOST hype ever out of the crowd. after the first bo5 was over against nV i got a picture with my favorite player, PATTYCACHES. Once the finals were over it was the best time to get pictures with the players. i got a picture with GoldenboyFTW and he was probably the nicest person at the venue. he was so personable and kept the conversation going. my friends who are getting into comp cod are goldenboy's biggest fans now :D. I also got a picture with aches, karma and coLMrX after we went to goldenboy. friend P who won the hardened edition ghost got mr.x signature on the other side of the box. mr.x was in fact the 2nd signature on the box, and aches made a funny comment when he was asked to sign saying "oh i thought you were JUST a fan of coaches haha". i also got a picture with merk who is my favorite player from nV. we leave the venue after, grab some food and head back home.
The event itself gets a 7/10 because during snd matches they had to lower the volumes of casters making it barely audible for the audience. they did this because players didn't have soundproof headsets. the people at the venue were super nice and food was always accessible. there was a lot of hype in the crowd which made the atmosphere even more amazing. if you add all the experiences, food and entertainment into the score i would give it a 8.5/10. still sad that i couldn't meet NotTheFakeJKap, crs burnsoff, killa and nadeshot(OMG aren't coL fans suppposed to hate nadeshot?).
EDIT:forgot to mention i met tmartn, he was an awesome dude.
PROOF that i was indeed at the event:
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Niagara Falls Day Tour From Toronto

The favourite countries of the Western part of the world are the US and Canada. Undoubtedly these nations are multiculturally diverse. People are friendly, love travelling to destinations and are fun loving. A great ecological balance is maintained with discipline all the time by these nations. Niagara Falls Day Tour From Toronto is one of the best fun-filled tours.
Niagara Falls, Canada Side:
People travelling from Toronto to Niagara Falls get loads of entertainment when compared to the travel from the US end. The Niagara Falls divides the US and Canada and is one of the most beautiful borders in the world. It is always nice to start the Niagara Falls Tour from Toronto with day tours.
Why most people visit the Niagara Falls?
Niagara Falls always has beautiful, magnificent and breath-taking views, which makes a visit to it memorable for all in their lifetime. It is for this reason, many people visit the Niagara Falls from many parts of the world. Niagara Falls is an interesting destination for tourism. No visit to Canada is complete without a visit to the Niagara Falls From Toronto.
How Does the Day Tour Start From Toronto?
The Niagara Falls Day Tour from Toronto starts with personalized pickups from various notified destinations. The pickup points can be from the traveller’s destination, hotels, highway points or from points where the tour operator specifies. The pickups are done through the tour operator’s fleet of vehicles. These vehicles include four and eight-seat cars, or SUVs, limos and other luxury vehicles, minivans, minibuses, and large bus coaches. It takes just an hour and a half time of travel by road to reach Niagara Falls from Toronto.
Check Travellers Reviews On The Internet:
If you have a debate on which side is good for entertainment with colourful picturesque, you better browse through the Internet. Check with the keyword, Niagara Falls Day Tour from Toronto, you can find many reviews on the Internet about which end of the Niagara Falls is the best. Most people who visited from both ends, that is the, US and Canada ends, would rate Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto high. This tour has given them the best tour experience to the Niagara Falls region to and fro.
Tour Guides Double Your Entertainment:
The presence of tour guides makes the to and fro journey more interesting along with all other entertainments the travellers enjoy. The tour guides are all licensed and fully professional making the trip lively and more entertaining. Tour guides speak multiple International languages which makes the journey more interesting for any traveller.
Entertainment Places At The Niagara Falls:
After reaching the Niagara Falls area, the entertainment starts with: 1) Journey Behind The Falls. 2) Casino Niagara. 3) Skylon Tower. 4) Wineries in the Niagara region. 5) The Floral Clock. 6) Whirlpool Aero Car. 7) Nightmares Fear Factory. 8) Niagara White Water Walk. 9) Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace. 10) Great Canadian Midway. 11) Reg’s Candy Kitchen. 12) House of Frankenstein. 13) The Tower Hotel. 14) Dufferin Islands. 15) Marineland of Canada 16) The Bird Kingdom.
The Exciting Hornblower Cruise:
In the Niagara Falls Day Tours From Toronto, apart from the above-mentioned places, one can also try the Hornblower cruise. The Hornblower is a great experience where one can see the Niagara Falls from close quarters by taking a ride in the boat. This is called the Niagara Falls Boat Tour or the Hornblower Cruise ride. The Hornblower boat easily accommodates around 350 people with a meal and seating arrangements. Overall, this is a great boat ride that gives everyone a great and thrilling experience coupled with fun.
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Niagara falls tours from toronto

Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto
Watching waterfalls is a great and thrilling experience. However, if you plan to attend gigantic waterfalls very closely travelling from a distance by road from Toronto; especially on eve like New Year, then indeed Niagara Falls is the one to watch from close quarters. Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto is an excellent experience where one begins the tour by road in a bus or any four-wheeler to the Falls area. However, mainly touring in a luxury bus coach would be recommended to get the best benefits of multiplied entertainment from the tour guides travelling with you throughout the tour of 9 hours to and fro from the falls. The tour guides make sure to entertain the travellers throughout the 9-hour tour conversing in English, French and other foreign languages. Prime & Important Areas – Around Niagara Falls The other essential areas to go around the Niagara Falls area are The Floral Clock, Whirlpool AeroCar, and Nightmares Fear Factory. Niagara White Water Walk, Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace, Great Canadian Midway, and Reg’s Candy Kitchen are places to spend time. House of Frankenstein, The Tower Hotel, Dufferin Islands, Marineland of Canada, and the Bird Kingdom are worth watching. The most exciting part of the tour is Hornblower Niagara Cruises. Niagara Falls – US & Canada View To tell, Niagara Falls primarily from the largest to the smallest, there are three – the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Niagara Falls is situated both on the US side as well as on the Canadian side, but a wide variety of entertainment is always available on the Canadian side as mentioned above. The Horseshoe Falls is on the border of Canada and the United States, with the American Falls entirely at the United States side, divided by Goat Island. Bridal Veil Falls which is on the United States side is the smallest of the three, separated by Luna Island from other waterfalls.
Touring The Niagara Falls – Canadian Side One can have a beautiful view with great entertainment at the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. There are always positive and excellent reviews being given by people travelling or touring the Niagara Falls from the Canada side, mainly the Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto. There are many tour operators from the Toronto area to the Niagara Falls area, who operate on a regular basis, 365 days a year. Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto is one of the best and most memorable experience for people travelling through road on a 9-hour to and fro trip to the Falls by opting one of the Best Niagara Tour Agency. Niagara Falls – A Memorable Trip To add to the attractions of Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto are Journey Behind the Falls, Casino Niagara, Skylon Tower, and List of Wineries in the Niagara region. Also, it would be an iconic experience if one always includes the Hornblower Niagara Cruises, a boat tour operating in Niagara Falls, Canada. Plan, book tickets online, and Explore Niagara Falls Canada on New Year Eve with your loved ones to make it the most memorable year ahead!
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Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto

Watching waterfalls is a great and thrilling experience. However, if you plan to attend gigantic waterfalls very closely travelling from a distance by road from Toronto; especially on eve like New Year, then indeed Niagara Falls is the one to watch from close quarters. Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto is an excellent experience where one begins the tour by road in a bus or any four-wheeler to the Falls area. However, mainly touring in a luxury bus coach would be recommended to get the best benefits of multiplied entertainment from the tour guides travelling with you throughout the tour of 9 hours to and fro from the falls. The tour guides make sure to entertain the travellers throughout the 9-hour tour conversing in English, French and other foreign languages. Prime & Important Areas – Around Niagara Falls The other essential areas to go around the Niagara Falls area are The Floral Clock, Whirlpool AeroCar, and Nightmares Fear Factory. Niagara White Water Walk, Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace, Great Canadian Midway, and Reg’s Candy Kitchen are places to spend time. House of Frankenstein, The Tower Hotel, Dufferin Islands, Marineland of Canada, and the Bird Kingdom are worth watching. The most exciting part of the tour is Hornblower Niagara Cruises. Niagara Falls – US & Canada View To tell, Niagara Falls primarily from the largest to the smallest, there are three – the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Niagara Falls is situated both on the US side as well as on the Canadian side, but a wide variety of entertainment is always available on the Canadian side as mentioned above. The Horseshoe Falls is on the border of Canada and the United States, with the American Falls entirely at the United States side, divided by Goat Island. Bridal Veil Falls which is on the United States side is the smallest of the three, separated by Luna Island from other waterfalls.
Touring The Niagara Falls – Canadian Side One can have a beautiful view with great entertainment at the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. There are always positive and excellent reviews being given by people travelling or touring the Niagara Falls from the Canada side, mainly the Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto. There are many tour operators from the Toronto area to the Niagara Falls area, who operate on a regular basis, 365 days a year. Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto is one of the best and most memorable experience for people travelling through road on a 9-hour to and fro trip to the Falls by opting one of the Best Niagara Tour Agency. Niagara Falls – A Memorable Trip To add to the attractions of Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto are Journey Behind the Falls, Casino Niagara, Skylon Tower, and List of Wineries in the Niagara region. Also, it would be an iconic experience if one always includes the Hornblower Niagara Cruises, a boat tour operating in Niagara Falls, Canada. Plan, book tickets online, and Explore Niagara Falls Canada on New Year Eve with your loved ones to make it the most memorable year ahead!
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Review: Dillon's Small Batch Lemon Bitters

Dillon's Small Batch Distillers Lemon Bitters
Another day, another cocktail, and another Dillon's bitters (eventually I'll review something else). No, I don't work for them ;)
This is in keeping with their other bitter bases and ingredient list: Niagara grape base (probably the Method Vodka), water, sugar, "spices" and "natural flavours". Again 50% ABV.
The unique addition here is lemon peel. The scent and effect on the palate is certainly closer to a bitter-sweet lemon zest than it is a citrus juice. This is less bitter forward than their ginger bitters, but more so than the pear. There's some definite botanicals on the tongue as well, but only enough to increase interest and it won't likely clash with similarly botanical forward spirits.
There is likely a lot of drinks this would go good with. I actually used it tonight in an attempt to replace a lemon twist (out of fruit and too much snow to venture out) in a version of the Vesper. It worked perfectly and may be my go to way to make this from now on (I LOVE the variation I'm using below).
The recipe I used (with the exception of the garnish and lemon bitters switch) was from NYC's Employees Only. It was already highly modified from Casino Royale's imbalanced version. Ian Fleming, master of spycraft NOT mixology.
2oz Vodka 1oz Plymouth Gin 3/4oz Lillet Blanc Dash of Angostura (yes that's in the Employees Only recipe) Garnish with a lemon twist or, in my case, a good dash of Dillon's Lemon Bitters.
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Def Leppard complete the first leg of US tour

Def Leppard will be back on stage in June after successfully completing the first round of their North American 2016 tour in May.
The British rockers Def Leppard take a month-long break before rolling in to Xfinity Center in Boston on June 22 with openers REO Speedwagon and Tesla with a massive 2016 Summer Tour that takes then across the US all the way to October.
“Thanks for a great show last nite and what a great way to close the 1st leg of our 2016 tour. See you back on stage on June 22 in Boston, MA.”, - said DF on their twitter.
The legendary rock band were forced to postpone their US tour dates in February due to Joe Elliott’s vocal issues. Vocalist Joe Elliott was told by the doctor to refrain from singing for a month after losing voice as a result of walking pneumonia and hacking cough.
Soon after postponing their much-anticipated winter live shows, Def Leppard rescheduled 2016 concert dates and invited REO Speedwagon to be their special guests along with Tesla.
Unfortunately, dates in Atlantic City, San Antonio and Brooklyn, NY have been cancelled as a new date was not available consistent with the tour schedule, said the bands’ official web site.
“For the over thirty six years Def Leppard’s concerts have been a must-see event, so whether you’re a causal fan or a diehard you will really have to check them out on their 2016 Summer Tour” – Robert Cavuoto from My Global Mind Webzine wrote in his review of the Def Leppard’ concert in Allentown.
The full and fresh list of Def Leppard's tour dates:
June 22 - Boston, MA (Xfinity Center) June 24 - Bangor, ME (Darling’s Waterfront) June 25 - Quebec City, QC (Videotron Centre) June 27 - Syracuse, NY (Lakeview Amphitheater) June 29 - Hershey, PA (Hershey Park Stadium) July 1 - Indianapolis, IN (Klipsch Music Center) July 2 - Chicago, IL (Hollywood Casino) July 5 - Cincinnati, OH (Riverbend Music Center) July 6 - Milwaukee, WI (Summerfest) July 8 - Pittsburgh, PA (First Niagara Pavilion) July 9 - Grand Rapids, MI (Van Andel Arena) July 11 - Wantagh, NY (Nikon at Jones Beach) July 13 - Holmdel, NJ (PNC Bank Arts Center) July 15 - Detroit, MI (DTE Music Theatre) July 16 - Toronto, ON (Molson Canadian Amphitheater) August 6 - Madison, WI (Alliant Energy Center) August 8 - Evansville, IN (Ford Center) August 10 - Bristow, VA (Jiffy Lube Center) August 12 - Atlanta, GA (Aaron’s Amphitheater) August 13 - Raleigh, NC (Walnut Creek Amphitheatre) August 15 - Tampa, FL (MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater) August 17 - Birmingham, AL (Oak Mountain Amphitheater) August 19 - Austin, TX (Austin 360) August 22 - Houston, TX (Cynthia Woods Pavilion) August 24 - Dallas, TX (Gexa Energy Pavilion) August 26 - Kansas City, MO (Sprint Center) August 27 - ST. Louis, MO (Hollywood Casino Amphitheater) August 29 - Cleveland, OH (Blossom Music Center) August 31 - Darien Center, NY (Darien Lake PAC) Sept 14 - Billings, MT (Metra Park) Sept 16 - Salk Lake City, UT (USANA Amphitheater) Sept 17 - Denver, CO (Pepsi Center) Sept 19 - Albuquerque, NM (Isleta Amphitheater) Sept 20 - Phoenix, AZ (Ak-Chin Pavilion) Sept 22 - Irvine, CA (Irvine Meadows Amphitheater) Sept 24 - Sacramento, CA (Toyota Amphitheater)*** Sept 25 - Mountain View, CA (Shoreline Amphitheater) Sept 28 - Boise, ID (Taco Bell Arena) Sept 30 - Eugene, OR (Matthew Knight Arena) Oct 1 - Tacoma, WA (Tacoma Dome) Oct 4 - Omaha,NE (CenturyLink Center) Oct 5 - Minneapolis, MN (Xcel Energy Center) Oct 7 - La Crosse, WI (La Crosse Center Arena) Oct 8 - Toledo, OH (Huntington Center) Oct 10 - Cedar Rapids, IA (U.S. Cellular Center)
STYX to appear / No REO Speedwagon *No REO Speedwagon ***No TESA
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[Table] IAmA- Casino Manager, I've seen everything, AMA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-05-15
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Are you hiring? I'd love to move to Canada. Absolutely, We are looking for several positions and if you are sincerely looking for a job, message me :)
Does being a Casino Manager makes you keep your distance from gambling? AMAZING question, It actually makes it worse. I had never gambled a day in my life until I took that position. It is the same across the board. Never met another manager that doesnt gamble.
Will you quit this job if you had given the choice? I could not ask for a better job. Excitement every single day. Learing to control personal demons such as gambling and alcohol is always a fighting battle given the situation.
You are 100% right. U of Waterloo in Ontario conducted a study and they concluded that "casino employees exhibited rates of problem gambling that were over three times greater than rates that past studies have found in Ontario’s general population." -Link to I know my stuff ;). It's a weird feeling.
What do you play, and wht stakes do you play ? Also.. Does your entire salary go straight back to the casino after payday? I like to play 1$ slots and blackjack for the most part. On blackjack my average bet is probably 60-75$. My salary does go back, but a portion of it does. I am pretty good at controlling myself, gets better by the year.
How is your daily routine in the casino?Do you get any perks? They pay my cell phone bill. I get paid any expenses you could imagine. I get free tickets and merchandise all the time. Golf passes dinners etc.
Have you ever caught someone counting in blackjack? Several times. With the security features we use, shuffle machines and cutting off 2-3 decks from the back, it's nearly impossible. Hell we will even teach you how to do it if you'll stay a while ;)
How did you get into the Casino business? I applied to become a dealer, years ago. I just worked my way up. Its an amazing business.
Ever had somebody die on your floor? Or at least horribly injured? Yes 2 people have died, one from a massive stroke, and another from a heart attack. We have had at least 25 heart attacks since I have worked there.
Do heart attacks happen more often when people win big or lose big? There has never been a direct correlation between winning/losing big and our patrons having heart attacks.
Interesting. Thanks for the response. Anytime :) I cant believe the responses already!
Statistically, you have the best chance of surviving a heart attack in a casino. The average response time drops from like 15 minutes in your home to something absurd like 30 seconds. We are very quick to react. This and we have first aid training as well as AED on site.
What the highest single bet you have witnessed? Here in Alberta, the maximum per spot on blackjack is 1000. I did witness a total table wager( by one player) Of 15,000. This was after he split 6 times and doubled once. He won evry wager on that hand.
Whats the luckiest person/win streak you have seen? (Not just 1 win but someone winning for a while or doing something crazy and it working) I watched someone win 24,000 on a slot machine. I reset his machine and he won 24,000 the next spin. I had the machine investigated by AGLC and all was well. He was 80 so I don't think he could cheat. Lol.
Do Casino's pump high levels of oxygen into the gambling areas, if so is that allowed? Have you ever caught anyone having sex or masturbating in the Casino? Do the Slot Machines ever get tampered with by cheaters? What is the penalty for tampering with slot machines? No we do not pump oxygen into the casino, It is not allowed. I had to fire an employee for masturbating in the customer bathrooms. Slots are rarely successfully tampered with, but it does happen quite often. The penalty is a fine and up to jail time. You can get in a LOT of trouble for trying something that is nearly impossible, like cheating a slot machine No problem :)
How...did you catch the guy spanking it? I fear to know yet I must ask for I can't think of a logical, sane way you caught the dude. I walked in to the washroom to check on the status of the last cleaning, and I caught him beating it with the stall door open... he forgot to lock it. was very obvious and he didnt even try to deny it.
Nobody forgets to lock the door when they are wanging it. He was off shift in 45 mins too... just couldnt wait.
It isn't illegal, what can the casinos do? We reserve the right to remove any patron at any time for any reason.
Do you still have to cash their chips if you kick them out? If they did not steal them, then Absolutely.
What is the best and worst part of your job? The best is seeing a person win big. The worst is seeing someone leaving in tears and me knowing they are broke and have kids.
Have you ever cut someone a break? Several times.
You've seen everything, have you seen Casino with Robert DeNiro in it and how accurate is that film? I have seen it, and I have yet to see a movie that ACTUALLY portrays a real casino whatsoever.
Most movies don't portray anything realistically. Good point. Casinos seem to be reallly far off though.
What about Croupier with Clive Owen.. good film.. Cant say ive seen it. Will watch.
What's the most desperate attempt to cheat in a casino you have ever seen? A guy in the middle of a hand, did not agree with the way a dealer "flipped" their hole card so he took his bets off the table (approx 1400$) and tried to pocket them before we could count what he had bet. He then tried to replace his bets after we asked with about 800$. It was very very easy to catch the amount that was originally on there. Cameras/pit boss/dealer all agreed to the exact amount. He was later found trying to cash out $600 in chips (after losing) lol.
That actually sounds pretty clever. He should have just gone for a smaller amount though. It wasnt bad. But he was on a high limit table with a lot of people watching
Any pranks you or your employees pulled? Yup, I am known as the prankster. I like to send new employees looking for left handed roulette balls or polish for the blackjack shoes. After they waste an hour or so I tell them. And they are laughed at by patrons and employees. Its all in good fun. Never had a complaint.
What happens to a cheater once you found them out? Is it just a case of the cops getting called straight away? I review the situation, and If I deem it cheating, a review is sent to AGLC and the patrons information gathered along with a police investigation. They will be prosecuted.
Do you catch cheaters? What were some cleveinvolved cheating schemes? I have caught cheaters, almost always at blackjack and threecard poker. The most common way they cheat is called "pressing". Having a partner distract the dealer for a second while they use slight of hand to add chips. Some people are very good at this, so good its tough to see on camera even.
To be clear.. what they do is when they have a good hand, someone distracts the dealer and the guy with the good hand attempts to increase his bet? What do you do when you catch something like that? We ban them Immediately. And other casinos recieve the memo an do the same.
Have you ever caught prostitution going on in the casino? What is the process of banning someone? Do they get put into a system? Do you have a banned wall? Yes we catch dirty prostitutes all the time. The ban process is easy. We take what info we have on them, take a recent photo from a surveillance screenshot and then post it to the banned wall :)
How is the security in the casino? Edit: no i'm not planning a robbery... The guards are pretty well trained. Also we have over 200 cameras. You are on camera within 1 KM of the casino. Also, all doors locked with special proxy cards that only have access to certain rooms, depending on position.
ONE KILOMETER? Are you kidding me? This is very secure, oh my. Cant tell if sarcasm. Detector is broken.
No sarcasm. This blows my mind. I always thought you guys have over the top security, but such a radius around your casino is mind blowing :). Great AMA btw, thanks for your time! I love the response im getting! This is awesome!
What is the process in working your way up from dealer to casino manager? How long did it take, what kind of background did you have prior to becoming a dealer? Also did you have to take any classes or anything like that either at an outside school or a company school to teach you all the ins and outs of the job? Did you ever think you'd be doing this or just sort of fall into it? What kind of responsibilities do you hold? I saw in your other posts that you mention throwing out people masturbating on the clock, helping people with gambling addictions and catching cheaters, but what is an everyday entail for you? I imagine you have to be a man with many hats (VIP guest liaison, worker ally, eyes for the bosses etc) Also last question I swear, what do you think of organized cheaters and the exposure they are getting such as Bringing Down the House/21 or the History Channel show on Breaking Vegas? It took me 4 years to get where I am. Went from dealer to pit boss to pit supervisor to games manager. I haven't taken any special courses really. Some training sessions but that's about it. You need to have the gift they say. As for responsibilities. I am in charge of running every department when I am on shift. And I am in charge of all the money. The movies have not done anything except make us money. People come in all the time thinking they will count cards and win, and we smash them.
In my expeirence, the 'Summon Technician' button rarely works. Thoughts? In my casino, it is attended to immediately. We are the only casino that I am aware of that does this.
Are employees allowed to gamble in the casino where they work? Or is just the manager that is allowed - I noticed you say you gamble off the clock. I live in England and am sure this is against nearly all casino policy. Only waitresses and guest services may gamble in our casino. No gaming worker is allowed to gamble in their own casino in alberta.
Any moral qualms sometimes? Never, Its a persons choice on what the wish to gamble.
Give it a few more years. I've got over that a long time ago. During my dealing days.
a follow up, sorry for that.. How do your co-workers react to yout gambling, does this make it awkward in any way? Actually, I tend to go to different casinos with my co-workers, awkwardness is never an issue.
Since you know a lot about security and cheating, do you know any loopholes in your or any other casino? Our casino is very secure. Some of the other casinos on the other hand..
For example? That I can't really disclose. Although. It's quite funny which one is the worst. I will leave it at that. I'm sure that comment alone will help some people.
Many years ago my mom had a gambling addiction. We werent sure how severe it was, we just thought she would go to the casino and have some fun and risk $200 or so. The casino hooked her in with the whole VIP treatment and rewards as an incentive to come back. One weekend she lost all her life savings ($300,000) It impacted our family a lot, as we were pretty much broke after she lost all our money. Even to this day we havent recovered, i missed out on college to work instead and been on my own since. My mom whos supposed to be close to retirement age is still working to support herself. I know casinos are for entertainment, but more often than not stories like this happen. How do you feel when a family is affected deeply because of gambling problems? Honestly that is the only hard part of the job. But after the years, I've become mostly desensitized to it.
Have you ever seen Ocean's Eleven? Did you just laugh and laugh and laugh? Not a fan of those movies :(
Have you ever been to Montecarlo? Do you think there are many differences between the european casino scene and the US/Canadian scene? Never been to Montecarlo, but from everything I have learned about it, It is very similar to our casinos in Canada (barring a few different table games). They have a lot of the same slot machines and their security is VERY high.
So, do you get hookers? Not once in my life.
Is there a certain amount of time that people are allowed to gamble before some sort of intervention takes place? (e.g. can't gamble for more than 24 hours straight, etc.) Our casino is only open for 17 hours at a time maximum. That is the law in this province. But under certain circumstances, we do offer help to people we notice becoming chronic gamblers.
What Kind of help do you offer out of interest? I get that the human factor is probably the reason its offered as the business side must actually like chronic gamblers. We offer councelling (not directly, but sources) and different programs such as VSE. VSE= Voluntary Self Exclusion. You will be excluded from gaming in ALL of Alberta. If caught in gaming facilities you can be arrested.
Favorite Ice cream flavor? Vanilla for the most part. Although I do like neopalitan.
Have you ever caught your employees stealing chips? Edit: i cant spell. I try to hire employees that I trust with the chips so that I dont have to worry about them. It has never happened to my knowledge.
You mentioned that you try to hire employees that are trustworthy with the chips etc. Do you have to run any criminal history checks, bankruptcy checks etc before you hire people? Do you use continuous shuffle machines to deal blackjack or do you deal from a shoe? If from a shoe, how many decks? How do you combat card counters? What is the food chain like? Here we have Dealers < Floor managers < Pit Bosses < Duty managers < Casino manager. Where do you fit in? How do the high rollers rooms work? Can someone walk in and flash cash to get in or do you need to gamble a certain amount first? What perks do high rollers get? Yes background checks and credit checks are run on ALL employees. We offer both continuous shuffles and shoes We use 8 decks and cut 3 off the back, as well as use a shoe cover. Very hard to count cards like that. In our casino I would be considered 2nd in line. High rollers are treated very well. Comped tabs etc. free trips to shows and all that jazz.
Have you ever seen a man eat his own head? Nope!
Ever seen a card cheat get his hand smashed by a ballpeen hammer ? Never had to use violence for a cheating patron. Drunk patrons on the other hand....
Great AMA! You answer almost everything! Thanks! I try to answer everything, I know i miss stuff but you guys comments lots! hard to keep up!
Here's my question: How do your responsibilities differ from a Pit Boss? Are you in charge of the food and alcohol people, too? How much time per shift do you spend on the floor and how much time do you spend interacting with individual guests? I am in charge of all departments when I am on shift. Pit boss is strictly in charge of the pit. I am always on the gaming floor interacting with guests. Its the best part of my job :)
Any suicides? I live near Niagara Falls and we hear stories all the time of people who blow it all in the casinos and take a dive over the falls. Yes unfortunately. :(
Are you from Edmonton by chance? If so care to comment why CH is still allowed to play in the poker rooms after being caught ripping off casinos with his bad beat scam? Not from edmonton, but I do know who you are talking about. It is the discretion of the casinos. He should be banned but they have failed to file charges.
They are still aware of what he did and as a pretty frequent player it sort of sucks having to sit at a table with someone you know was using dealers to set up bad beats.... You play at yellowhead?
How does the casino decide what background music to play? do you hate those songs now? I ususally pick it. I pick it depending on the majority of the crowd. (old people = classic rock, young people = new music.) We have lots of playlists it doesnt really get too bad.
I notice a lot of times my favorite slot machines are removed from the floor and never to be seen again. Do you guys store them in a basement or sell them to other casinos? Recycle them for parts? Machines are regulated by AGLC, they send us new ones and take old every week.
How long does training for croupier last? Are there opportunities for college students? Training is usually a month long. Its easier to get a job as a dealer if you are young. Young people seem to learn a lot easier.
What is the longest you've seen a customer play a machine? Any 24-hour slot machine marathons? Open to close 4 days in a row. (17 hours a day)
What is your coin-in on an average Saturday night? Biggest New Year's Eve coin-in you can remember? What's the average toke rate? Over 1.5 million. Best tip rate for a week was 30 ish.
How much do you make? What's your educational background? Edit: saw that you can't answer how much you make. So how'd you get into the job? I walked in an applied for dealer. They loved my attitude and hired me on the spot.
So you were hired as a dealer and then moved up in the ranks? Sounds like a sweet job and a managerial position involving actual job duties. Absolutely.
Just curious (and maybe you don't know)-- how exactly is the software sold for the newer digital games? Order "Three of Game A, three of game B" and remain stuck with it? Order them configured one way, but the software can be replaced for a token sum? If so, is it an in-house operation, or a "vendor service has to be called? They can load any firmware specced as compatible with the box? I notice there's always one or two machines in a bank of (physically) equivalent units which have an unpopular game (like the one which starts belting out Dean Martin songs at 600 decibels in attract mode) so they sit relatively unused, but they never change them. Is it laziness, cost, or technical limits? I dont deal with the digital games sorry!
The Ontario Lottery Corporation is in the process of rolling out an online casino. From an industry persepective, what are your views on online casinos? Is the software designed to give you gains but take back once you win-loss ratio is too high? Online casinos (legit ones) Run by pretty much the same stats as a real casino. Same odds of winning almost exactly.
Can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Its magically delicious, or wait.. damn lucky charms
What's a good starting job to get at a casino that will eventually get you into a managing position? Dealer is the absolute best.
Thanks for the swift response. No problem.
Just in case you are still answering at all...what's te stupidest/seemingly impossible thing you've seen/heard of a dealer doing? Most awesome/badass? I had a dealer deal a full table of blackjack entirely fucking backwards. I almost pissed myself no joke.
If some patron is winning a lot of money, would you kick them out? Say for instance a guy is playing Blackjack and went from 1000 dollars to 100000 dollars and wants to continue playing. He is literally just owning the table winning 9/10 hands. Would you kick this guy out or let him keep playing? Nope, its good in house advertising to have big winners :)
Not sure if this was asked already, but is there really oxygen pumped into the casinos like people say there is? Or is it just the shiny lights and excitement that will keep you going all night? No oxygen pumped in. Its the lights and atmosphere.
What was the most someone won in one night? 1.1 million dollars.
If I were looking to move to Vegas, how difficult do you think it'd be to get a decent paying job working in the casinos? I have a friend who moved there and is looking for a roommate, but I'm nervous about taking the step without a job lined up. As long as you have a good head on your shoulders and the motivation, its pretty easy to get into the business.
What''s your salary roughly? Thats actually the only thing im not willing to disclose. Sorry pal.
Who is your favorite porn star? Hootie McBoob.
Do casinos usually offer part-time jobs as croupiers? Always have part time positions open. Especially for weekends.
I saw that you didn't like Ocean's Eleven, but how did the guys get all those hooker flyers into the vault? Lol your guess is as good as mine ;)
1) How's the pay? 2) You already mentioned that you worked your way up from a dealer. Is there much higher that you can go? 3) How has the economic downturn affected business? The pay is great You can go to managing a whole casino, given time Business has actually gone up. Alberta isnt very effected by it.
How often do you feel like De Niro? Every day.
Are there or have there been times when you know someone is cheating or doing something "unethical" but you just can't get the evidence? If so, do they still frequent the casino? do you feel like they do it on purpose to piss you (the casino) off because they know that you know? I dont need evidence, if someone is suspected of cheating they are gone. AGLC backs us 100%
I live in vegas and recently a guy robbed a casino and stole like 100k of chips, whats the process of making sure he isnt able to cash those chips in. (He was wearing a mask) So does the casinos like remake all new chips or what? We track our 100$ chips very carefully. when people cashout 100 or more, we know about it. If we dont see them playing, we watch that person closely.
What is the best way to get a room comped for a weekend (I always seem to get Sun-Thur offers)? What is the average bet / hours required of play (assuming black jack)? Is it true you should expect 30% of your losses returned in the form of comps? I wouldnt count on getting 30%, maybe 5-10%. Average bet should be about 50-60$
Lots of questions have come up about players cheating, but what about the house? I know people who have seen casinos get busted for rigging games. I have certainly played at blackjack tables where the dealers seemed to have an uncanny ability to predict hands, I even once had a dealer reveal a blackjack without using the little peek thing. Dealt, asked for insurance (with great intensity), told us we should have taken the hint and flipper her card. Have you seen any cheating by the house or have any reason to think it happens? Never have I seen cheating by the house. I guarantee it doesnt happen in any legit casino in Canada. There are inspectors at all times. I truly believe that it doesnt happen. As a dealer myself I could "predict" my handsquite often. Because you do it so many times in one day you are bound to get it right.
How many bones have you witnessed being broken? or families ruined because of gambling everything away? a lot or a ton? Maybe 5 broken bones, probably 50 families :(
Have you ever felt the need to tell some poor old folks: "Take your welfare checks home." ? Nope, they usually play small just to pass the time. They are very nice.
How prevalent is patron on patron theft? For example, leaning over and grabbing a few of someone else's chips while they're not looking, or tapping their stack with a drink (which happens to have tape on the bottom) or things like that? Doesn't happen very often chip wise. But it does happen if people leave credits in a machine, drop money on the ground, or leave money in an ATM. We will hunt the patron down and force them to pay back the money.
Why do Asians gamble so much and where the hell do they get all of that money? I dont want to speculate where they get it..
What would be the best way to go about robbing a casino? Not trying ;). No one gets away.
What do you do with underage kids or kids with fake IDs? do they ever show up? Kick them out and file a report. If they have fake ID, file it with the police.
I went to the casino for my first time last week. Slots are boring as shit. Do you recommend a black jack guide to get the hang of things? Thanks. Always good to go in knowing basic strategy. check out
How much do you earn on average yearly? Cant disclose that :(
What's your take on Scorsese's 1995 "Casino"? :D:D. Would watch again.
Did you read the novels by Mario Puzo about the inner workings of a casino? Would you say that they are accurate? Not yet, in process.
What's your favorite Canadian province besides Alberta? Ontario.
My question is why did you use a combination of Photoshop and real-life obfuscation for your badge? Carefully torn and placed pieces of pink and black tape, then some kind of 1990s-era Photoshop airbrushing around the perimeter... I was looking for something quick. And I never really used a site like this. I know, I suck.
What are your thoughts on the Martingale method of gambling on Red/Black in Roulette? I have had moderate success waiting for a run of 4 of one colour, then betting $25 on the opposite colour, then doubling each time until I win. Its a very bad system for the most part. you risk a lot to win a little.
How often do customers claim the dealer misheard/misinterpreted what they said to do? E.g.. the customer was playing blackjack, didn't want to hit, but the dealer misheard them and dealed them a card, which caused them to bust. 5 times a day at least. I usually give them the benefit of the doubt.
Are there any games that people can beat long run other than bj? You can't beat BJ in the long run. There is no way to make money.
Since Counting cards isn't illegal, if you catch someone do you still black ball them and tell all the other casinos? No. Unless they actually cheat, they aren't black balled.
What is the craziest thing you've seen? I answered this a little further down bud.
Have you ever seen a guy eat his own head? Hasn't happened to date..
Have you seen a live unicorn? Nope, it was dead.
What's the largest sum of money you've seen someone lose in one day? 100K on blackjack.
So you admit that you are a liar? EDIT: I do believe this means you have to forfeit your casino to me. Rules are rules I guess :(
Have you ever seen a queen in her damned undies, as the feller says? Once back in 06.
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